Roubi L'Roubi is a Creative Director, Fashion Designer and Costume Designer.
His engineering background and technical knowledge underscore his designs - he makes designs work.

Creative Direction is about fostering ideas, nurturing them, enabling them and making them a reality – this is Roubi L’Roubi’s specialism – turning ideas into something tangible and making them work.

As an engineer Roubi understands the technical aspect of designing and as a couturier he understands the processes of tailoring; the design of blocks and patterns for different brands – developing the fundamental DNA of their collections. Roubi understands the importance of brand heritage, the historic heart of a collection and how to develop this with relevant contemporary edge. As a businessman, Roubi has an extensive network of contacts in the industry, especially in Italy and the Milan area, renowned for its excellence in technical manufacturing and craftsmanship – it is here that his ready to wear clothing is hand cut and sewn by Europe’s leading tailors.

The art of Roubi’s Creative Direction is pulling all the threads together - the design, the manufacture, the business, costume design and bringing the new collections to the public through photography shoots and marketing campaigns.

Roubi ‘L’Roubi is currently Creative Director at Huntsman, Savile Row, London.

Roubi L'Roubi
2nd Floor, 30 New Bond Street, London W1S 2RN
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